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Home Sweet Home


We are actually home.  It has been so nice to do all the basic things like clean my own house, put clothes in drawers and closets.  Grocery shop, cook.  Have a separate room from Norah.  I’m sure I’ll get use to it, and want a break from it all.  But for now i’m loving it!  

Last night we had friends stop by and Norah was the typical selfish child.  We’ve been here four days and she knows this is her territory.  I think that was the first time she had someone on her turf.  She’s usually the guest.  Sharing is a tough concept.  

Working on an actual schedule now. 11 pm isn’t cutting it.  She’s a good little sleeper though, once she crashes.


On the Road

Norah watching Nemo

Norah watching Nemo

We have been traveling since the beginning of March.  It’s been fun most of the time.  But there have def. been moments of , Where is my home?  I need it now…

I’m blessed in so many ways we get to do things most people don’t get to, but it comes at the expense of other things, like routine, familiarity, and my own bed.  I’d like to complain a little but i can’t we are blessed beyond any “sacrifice”.

I’ve discovered Norah seems to have this incredible attention span.  She could sit through an entire movie, her favorite of course,”Finding Nemo”, I think it is because of all our time in the car.  So i guess that’s not so bad.  We’ve had lots of time with family up here in New England, some of it has been more than enough 🙂  But that’s okay too.  So we get to see our home in June, less than a month left.  I definitely  look forward to it.  But I’m enjoying this too.

What’s a Bedtime?


While we have been traveling I was really missing our life in Peru, mainly the schedule, consistency etc…  For a while I felt so bad for Norah that she had to travel so much.  I noticed the other day that she is really a happy little girl.  She doesn’t know any different and she gets to spend more time with her Daddy and with kids of different ages as well.  Sometimes I miss the things i could do with her if we were at home or whatever it might be, the ways we get to spend time together may be different, but the fact is i get to spend time with her.  Some moms don’t have that option.

So Maybe i can’t put her to bed at the same time each night or I might have to take more time getting her to fall asleep in an unknown room, but I’m trying to enjoy those moments.  They won’t last forever.

Happy News


I think most of you probably know, we are expecting our second baby.  Not too much nausea, a couple of bad days, but only  one or two a week.  Most of it has been pretty easy.

To find out or not to is the question, looks like i might have to.  We really wanted to wait, but having to pack for the next few years i kind of need to know.  Don’t want to deal with all that and a Newborn.

I’m due the same week Norah turns two.  She is really obsessed with babies, so she’ll love it.  Makes me a little nervous, but maybe she’ll be a big help.

First parting



We just got back from a little break away from Norah.    The very first night we’ve gone away without her.  Thanks to Grandpa,Grandma and Uncle Travis and Aunt Sherry.  


It was sad but great, I didn’t sleep as well as I had hoped.  It wasn’t bad, and i wasn’t up all night worrying, just probably not as tired as normal.    

Two nights away were enough for me.  We really had a good time focusing on each other and appreciating our little ray of sunshine.  Days are definitely a little brighter with her around.

A tribute to Nursery workers!


img_0295  I am happy to say Norah has adjusted very easily.  She doesn’t even cry when i drop her off at a new nursery with all new faces.  She just blows me a kiss and scopes out the place for any new toys.  Mainly anything with a handle where she can stash stuff.  A little person chair, a doll or a kitchen.  🙂  any of those things seem to keep her happy.  It really is a blessing.  I wondered if we would get past this screaming the beginning of every service.   Thanks to those of you who put up with the crying in the beginning.  I think especially of Glenwood Springs Baptist Church.  I really appreciate your patience and understanding.    

The only issue we have is the constant colds that she is catching and hopefully not passing along.    Someone made the comment that her immune system will be built up pretty strong by the time we get to North Africa.  🙂  That’s encouraging.  

We noticed Norah was singing this one song to her doll.  as she bounced her on her lap.  It sounded like the B-i-b-l-e.  come to find out that was it and she sings it all the time and shouts out BIBLE at the end.  It’s her favorite song.  She learned that in Nursery.  So keep singing to those babies they are soaking it all in.

“Oh, you’re a missionary”


We visited a church last week, it was a nice church, nice people.  I talked to a woman who had a child the same age as Norah, and we seemed to have a lot in common.  We talked about the walking stage and the fear of letting go of mommies hand etc… Later in the conversation she heard my husband say we were missionaries.  We didn’t even speak again.  It was like I officially became this weird person that is anything but normal.  Sometimes I just want normalcy.   I’m the “gringa” in Peru, and I’m the “missionary”  in the states.

I don’t mind being different sometimes, but then there are times I just want to go to church and not be the weird person that nobody knows.  Which is practically every service.  But for all of you who meet missionaries at your church we are normal people just like you.  I used to feel like missionaries were just on a different level than I was.  Or like we didn’t have much in common, So I guess I can understand some of that.  Now being on the opposite side, I can see how it feels like you are the strange one.   On the other hand we are spoiled by churches so much it is almost embarrassing.  All in all, The Lord takes care of us so much more than we could ever desserve.