Yaelle’s Birth Story part 2


My due date arrived and my closest friend, who I grew up with, volunteered to come and help. She arrived that night and I went into labor around 3 am. Contracting consistently, then things seemed to settle down and I was able get a little sleep. I Got up the next day contracting off and on. We went to the Doctors office across town. She checked me and said, “go get your stuff and head to the hospital you’re having this baby today.” I was a little apprehensive wanting this girl to come completely on her own but the contractions were clearly getting stronger and closer at this point.
We went home got our stuff said goodbye to the kids and headed over to the clinic.
Arriving in our room I was pleased with the room and the fact that my favorite nurse was on call, but no English speakers. Turns out the Internet was down that day and the a/c in our room wasn’t working. Kind of disappointing.
So we got unpacked and labor was in full swing at this point. I remember lying there closing my eyes listening to the call to prayer across the city thinking, this is it, the thing I have dreaded for the past month or so, yet somehow The Lord allowed me to experience labor this way. It was an amazing reminder of Jesus’ perfect love which casts out fear. The whole reason I was sweating, hearing kids in the hallway, labor pain interrupted by that call. It was for Him, not for us. His love for me sent him to the cross. If he can endure that, I can endure this pain that millions of women have experienced in much worse conditions. And really it’s nothing in comparison.
As time went on and things got harder I realized I needed to focus, open my eyes relax, breath, or this pain was overtaking me. All of those things truly worked. Its like running, get through the painful moment one at a time and you’re ok.
Every so often Tyler would have to leave when they would check up on me. Not fun when you only have one person there with you. But the nurses would hold my hand and help me breath through the pain.
The time came, 7 cm, broke my water, and I had to move. I was glad I knew this ahead of time. They put me on a wheelchair and through a couple of contractions they pushed me down the hall to the delivery room. (I was in transition at this time ugh)
About 4 contractions later it was time to push. Tyler prayed and The Doctor asked if I wanted to see the baby right away? “of course” I told her. We pushed three times and it was over. I cannot put into words the complete relief I felt at that moment. I’ve cried after each birth but this time I sobbed. It still brings tears to my eyes to think about. We did it! Thank you Jesus! That’s all I kept thinking. And then this overwhelming love that you have for someone you have never seen up until that moment, it just takes your breath away.
After they took her to clean her up they put me to sleep! I never expected that, but I actually appreciated it at the moment. I slept for 15 min. Things weren’t necessarily according to my birth plan, but that’s exactly why I didn’t have one. In the end it was all just wonderful. Only The Lord could have worked out every detail like he did.
Back in the room we discovered the a/c did work. One of the nurses came and turned it on ha! No one waited long enough for it to kick in. At this point I was just glad to rest comfortably with a new little love in my life.
Ana Yaelle Masters
(“ya’el” – God’s strength)
7lbs 1oz, light brown hair. And the sweetest little rosy lips I’ve ever seen!
The verse we chose

Trust ye in the Lord for ever: for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength: (Isaiah 26:4)


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  1. So beautiful! I am so proud of you and so happy all worked out! You are so blessed and she is blessed to have u as her mommy! Will you call her Ana? How did u decide on that part of her name. Is it with an ahhh sound? Please send me ur address…we have something for her. Love u so much!

    • We’re doing the whole middle name thing. Weird I know and I always said I would never do that, but it just didn’t fit any other way. It’s ahna ya’el but Ana is basically her middle name, none of the Boston crew seems to get it at all.
      ;). It’s too weird. Oh well! We live in Africa anyway!
      I want to talk this week some time if you can. Love you so much and thanks for praying.

  2. She is so beautiful and we are so
    glad your little one is here. I can see the other little ones being so excited. Thank you for sharingthis with us. God Bless you and your family. Hugs & Love, Dotty & Ken DeVault

  3. Thank you, dear Gretchen, for sharing this. Even though this will be my first baby where I’ve had my whole pregnancy and delivery on the same continent, there have been a lot of fears and worries ~ how are things going to go at this hospital? can I really do *this* again? what if something goes wrong? plus a slew of other worries technically unrelated to having a baby, but troublesome, none the less. The Scripture and your testimony were just what I needed today!
    She’s beautiful! So happy for you all!

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