All Grace


Where do we come up with the idea that we deserve all that God has blessed us with?  So many times I wonder as I am truly grateful for the three healthy pregnancies I have had so far, but what about my sweet friends who have had some pretty tough days losing babies before they could hold them or holding them only for a short time?  My children have been pretty healthy, but what about those mom’s in the hospital holding their babies all night who are fighting for their lives?  I recently have dealt with someone who has expressed this idea because of their wealth and healthy children they have worked hard for it and deserve it.  But I have to ask what about those who have had loss or poverty?  Does God just love them less?  are they less deserving?  Obviously the idea is ridiculous.  Most of the people I have witnessed go through some pretty tough roads in life are pictures of strength from the Lord.   They have been used by Him to shout to the world of His goodness,  even in tragedy.  The problem with the idea that “I have worked for all I have and deserve it” is when things go wrong, then what? where do you turn?  Some turn to their past and try to shift the blame on someone else, it was my mother’s fault for not hugging me enough or maybe my dad wasn’t around.  It’s just never enough to blame shift, because it never fills that void.

There is no answer for why God chooses for some to struggle in certain areas and others not, I believe He gives us glimpses as to why, but we’ll never truly understand until we are with Him.   Looking at the cross we can see God’s goodness no matter what we go through He has been there.  He loves us ultimately and blesses us far beyond anything we deserve.  I think we all know ourselves well enough if we are honest we don’t really deserve much.  This world has created an “I deserve the best” mentality, but truly we are dust, the very air we breath is a gift from God.  When we approach all of life that way, the little things don’t get to us as easily, and the big things are given to us through the loving hands of our Savior with a plan to use it to gain maximum glory.

As I sit up late thinking about and frustrated over this “I deserve better mentality” I am humbled to realize I have had the same attitude in a different way.  If I am not careful I begin to take the amazing blessings I have been given for granted.  Instead of looking at the things that seem to be so frustratingly out of my control as burdens, I can begin to see that ultimately He has our good in mind, and I am never in control anyway.   So as disgusted as I am with those who use the gifts God has given them to shake their fist or use it to hurt others or even against God himself.  I realize any pride even if it’s not that blatant is still pride.  It is all His grace that we make it to another day.  Any blessing we have is only by His amazing grace.  If we all got what we deserved, what about Jesus?  Didn’t He deserve better?

Ephesians 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.
10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

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  1. Thanks for pinning the thoughts I too have been wrestling with. Thought it was neat that this link was on FB next to a status that said, “the hardest question to answer is why.” I sometimes worry about having other babies or what may come in the future but its all his grace. If the only thing he ever did for me was save me that’s enough. I didn’t deserve anything but death anyway. A hard truth to come to terms with for sure! Thanks for sharing. I always love your blogs!!

    • thank you Amber, dealing with someone who I can’t seem to understand how they can pat themselves on the back for the blessings they’ve been given, and it really made me think hard about my own attitude and appreciation for the millions of blessings I do have.
      it’s just sad to see someone who you know is going to face reality someday. writing always helps me to process my thoughts, they are nothing beautiful, but I usually process things better when i write. Praying for you you have really been on my heart.

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