Do I Doubt Him?


So we found the house we’ve been looking for, not too big not too small, just right! Great location, and great price. Even includes a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment for our friend/friends coming to work with us.
We thought about the possibility of a house like that but knew the chances of finding it would be pretty slim! So we just looked at anything close to what we might want.
We either missed the French abbreviation for additional apartment or it just didn’t say. We liked the house and then saw the apartment and knew it was a keeper. I was overwhelmed with how perfect this place was I couldn’t believe God in His goodness.
Then back to my Repunzel drama!

What if it’s not really true? What if it’s some kind of trick to make money off of us. Is it too good to be true? Will I be tortured for the entire month of May until we move in? This morning I woke up thinking about it and realized I am doubting His goodness! Satan wants me to be tortured by worry and fear when I could have complete peace being just thankful for a place he hand picked just perfect for us. So what if I’m right? And we don’t get this place, isn’t God always giving us abundantly above? He is sovereign He knows what we really need. So why do I doubt Him?

“Oh what peace we often forfeit, oh what needless pain we bear, all because we do not carry everything to God in prayer”

So as we wait for the contract and final decision as to what day we can move in, we pray The Lord gives us discernment and patience. And I will continue happily pinning all of my home ideas for this house! 😉

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