Change is Good


This move for us has been a change = uncomfortable transition. Even if it is good, or better than what we had. We went from going somewhere constantly, being with people all the time or in the car. To just the four of us with a house and a yard and lots of waiting time looking for a permanent place of our own. As I dreamt about this time when life would really be a little more normal. I never imagined all the struggles emotionally with just change in general. It caught all of us by surprise. We kind of all seemed to feel like “How do we do this being home thing?”. As we’ve gotten through some of our adjustment phase, we’re learning to really enjoy it. I’m now seeing the benefits and blessings of finally being able to spend real quality time with two of the most amazing children in all of the world.
They are learning to play together and use their imaginations. Which they haven’t really had time for the past 6 months or so, watching them truly enjoy each other again without needing a friend or cousin to make it fun has been so sweet. Building houses for snails, picking flowers, finding lemons, playing church. My heart is so full watching them.
This change has been just great, yes we miss our family, but being together with time to truly enjoy each new day and each gift from God has been so sweet. Worth the rough transition phase. Though we know there’s more to come. Life is full of changes and transitions, we have no choice but to adjust. I’m definitely learning change can be good especially when it’s of God.


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  1. Thanks Gretchen! Such great words of encouragement. God’s timing is best and His love never fails. Praying that your new home has everything you need 🙂 I think and pray for you often.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Reminds me not to take the down time for granted. It sure is special that our children have each other! 🙂 Praying for your housing situation and pregnancy.

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