Thank you Vision


As we have packed up our temporary home this week we said goodbye to our home church. I hope everyone loves their church as much as we love ours, but it makes it painful to have to leave. Our furlough has been so packed, but amazes me how The Lord can give refreshment during anything. It’s been wonderful to have time with our Pastor and his wife, church family and other missionaries as well knowing they all understand our life better than most.

My only concern is the frustration of coming in and going out so quickly there is no time to repay those who sacrifice on our behalf. I wish we could do more to help in their time of need, But when it comes down to it. I can only pray The Lord keeps them encouraged to keep going and continue to serve Him. It’s not really service to us, but unto Him, and He will bless them for it, more importantly His name will be glorified. So thank you Vision, we are grateful for you.

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  1. We were glad to help, Gretchen! We love your family very much! Wish we could’ve seen you more too! It was good talking to you last week and hearing about your new life! We will be praying as you get settled in over there!

  2. Praise tha Lord! We will be praying for you all. Please keep us on your email list so we can continue to pray for specific needs you will have and celebrate how our Lord is going to use you all. We Love you guys. Fairview Baptist Church

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