A faithful heart


Getting ready this morning with all of these thoughts running through my head, my devotions in Jeremiah are so revealing of where my heart is headed. My mind has been so full of all that needs to be done. I’m tired of packing and thinking about packing and most of it is yet to be done. I’m grateful for the opportunity The Lord has given us to go. But spending time with family is almost painful knowing these are the last few times. I’m anxious to get there, but really? Is our time coming to a close? Do we have to be away from our friends and family for that long? And all the while I’m listening to a whisper, “maybe God isn’t really that good” “it’s not fair that I should have to ‘sacrifice’ this and live constantly stressing about packing and leaving”. I know the truth, of course I know God is good. But as I read and try to give all of these things to him I find myself doubting his goodness.

As Jeremiah 1-3 talks of Israel seeking satisfaction through broken cisterns. Having committed this sin of adultery, I realize to entertain any thoughts that contradict the truth of His Word is like listening to another man tell me my husband isn’t really good to me. He doesn’t love me all that much or why would he allow this?
This picture in my own mind of me continuing to listen to this man time and again breaks my heart to think of how much this would hurt my own husband. How much more is this breaking the heart of my Savior?

So as I begin today I choose to be faithful to my Savior, my God. I will dwell on His promises, and reject these thoughts. All that the Lord has for us is good and full of His grace. Praising him for allowing us to go, He sure doesn’t need us. He is always good and will only give us what He knows we can handle in His strength.

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  1. “Be thou my vision…” What a wonderful reminder when tough decisions have to be made. So wonderful that you choose to serve. Thank you for encouraging me!

  2. I love how the Bible is so graphic when it shows us in context w/ our relationship with God. Sometimes its harsh and it hurts, but it breaks thru our masks and strikes directly at the root problem- no place to hide or delude oneself. I can’t say i understand all your going thru, but i do struggle with giving my whole self to HIm and i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. We will continue to pray for you all. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Praise tha King!

    Eric Cottrell’s iPhone

  4. Gretchen. I want to thank you for the blogs you have written. This one really spoke to my heart. I have had some health problems since Sept. 2011 and it seems it;s taking a long time to see some results.Then in Aug.2012 I had some added health problems. I know God is watching over me but somedays I wonder.After read your blog i know i can go on and know that God will take care of my problems in His time. i pray for you and your family. God bless you all. In Christ Love Dotty

    • I’m so glad they can be a blessing. Journaling helps me to process all that goes on in my heart and mind. Health problems have to be so tough. With the little I’ve experienced, I can only imagine. Praying for you Dotty.

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