Mommy needs a minute!



Just a little honesty in the kid department to help you to feel better about your own mommy skills 😉
Saturday was one of those days Daddy has been gone for a while and my son seems to love to challenge this mama! (I’ll spare you the ugly details of all the tears shed that day by every single one of us)

So when we arrived home from our outing I locked myself in my room and told them they had fifteen minutes to play, mommy needed to be alone. They could have done anything they wanted and I would not have cared. Every mommy reading this knows exactly what they chose to do…. They sat outside my door arguing and banging on the door! Really? When you had free reign of the entire house? I had to laugh. It’s always a challenge when Tyler goes on trips but this week has been a much needed break for us from traveling. Almost hate to see it come to an end but we miss Daddy so we’re ready for that part to end.
Praying for all my mommy friends today, know you are not alone The Lord is right there with you giving you strength for each moment. My verse this week!
For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee. (Isaiah 41:13 )

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  1. oh gretchen! my heart commiserates w/ you! love and prayers and patience w/ joy for these times. judson is going to be greatly used for HIS glory!

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