Owning a dream


While talking with Tyler the other day I asked him if he felt like it was hard to communicate our excitement for North Africa. Almost like I was failing at communicating. I see people get excited about other fields, almost wonder what we’re doing wrong? But to be perfectly honest I’ve never been this excited about our field and maybe I am somewhat to blame for that. But his response brought tears to my eyes. He asked me, “Do you know why I’m so excited about it? It’s because you are, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks”. This response really surprised me and made me realize how much of an affect my attitude can make. Of course my husband is excited all on his own but there is just something about being a team. I always went along with the plan, and would be excited for him, but I have to admit I have never owned the dream.
What’s your husband’s dream? Sometimes they may seem nice to us and we’re supportive and we do the “right thing”. There is something different in the person who owns the dream. They are more willing to make sacrifices and not quick to blame their problems on that dream. It’s easier to be grateful for the little things.
The fact is its not a dream about a country and people really, but a dream about being used by God to bring Him glory in any way He chooses. That’s the bottom line.
Even if you’re alone in your dream, don’t let that keep you from running toward it with all of your heart. It may not affect the people you think, but it will affect those closest to you. It will make a difference for eternity. If it’s a God given dream.

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  1. I love to read your blogs. They are so filled with wisdom and I can see that God working in you and your family. WE LOVE YOU AND WISH YOU THE BEST!!!

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