A Tribute to My Mother


Have to brag a little on my mom! She’s definitely had her work cut out for her these past several years. She takes full care of my Dad living a life many couldn’t imagine. Along with saying goodbye to her sweet grandchildren many more times than she would like.

But recently it hit me when we gave her some bitter sweet news she took it amazingly and has been completely supportive in every way. Knowing we can’t live our life to please everyone.

I am very grateful for the investment she has made in my life. She has raised me not to be her daughter but an adult independent and free to go and follow The Lord. We laugh at how I’m born on a Thursday. “Thursday’s child with far to go”. But all growing up she has encouraged me to step out in faith no matter what happened at home. She never guilted me into staying home to help.
So as hard as it is to leave and live this life so far away. It’s freeing to know she is in full support. Happy birthday mom, I love you and thank you for your constant encouragement. Even though we don’t make it easy!


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