Unique Blessings of Living Overseas


Living in a foreign country seems like a sacrifice to some and to others it seems like a vacation until they attempt it. As a missionary It’s difficult to share some of these things because we would never want to sound braggadocios living a luxurious or prestigious life. Yet God is so good He always gives abundantly above. Every good gift is from God and it would be ungrateful of us not to praise Him. Here are a few of my favorite gifts.

1. Depending on God
In The states I don’t feel as desperate for God as I do when we’re out on our own and I feel like all my struggles seem to rise to the top. I have seen my relationship with my Savior flourish like I never imagined. He has truly without a doubt become my best friend.

2. Family
There is a closeness we experience in our immediate family that I am so grateful for. We don’t have as many distractions. Just each other! We have an opportunity to form our identity as a family and grow together as we explore a new life.

3. Travel
We get to see some amazing things that some people only dream of, just because they happen to be in our back yard!

4. Cross cultural Appreciation
We connect on so many levels once we learn to adapt to a new culture. It gives a greater view and appreciation for the diversity that God has created for His own pleasure. Revealing a little more of the depth of His character through those that were created in His image. When the only thing we have in common is Christ we see the intricate Beauty within His own body.

5. Language
Culture is the accumulated knowledge within a specific group of people and language is the key to unlocking the meaning of shared ideas and values.
There is nothing like discovering a concept while learning the language. For example the difference between house and home does not exist in Arabic. It’s the same word. Yet they have different words to distinguish between human forgiveness and divine forgiveness. Learning a language is humbling and frustrating. It is the number one reason for people quitting. Yet once it is learned it is one of the richest and most rewarding gifts.

These are only a few of the blessings, there are many more, isn’t that true for every one? These gifts all apply to our children as well and I believe make them more well rounded individuals. I think it is amazing that God would let us do what we do. He sure doesn’t need us, but if we are willing He will use us, in something that is bigger than ourselves. This life is far greater and more rewarding than any life I could have chosen within my own comfort zone.

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  1. I really enjoy your ‘realness’ and it’s nice to see people look beyond the trials to the blessings…or to see the blessings that come from the trials (something I need to work on in my own life). Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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