Is This Home?


So we’ve been home on a little furlough, and the first thing I’ve noticed that bothered me was hearing so much English! Believe me I appreciate it, but I was not used to hearing it accept within my own family pretty much. I guess over there hearing it was so rare I could pick it up immediately. So now I can’t stop hearing everything. We went to Aldi which is just like a store we have at home and I met a woman from the Middle East, it just made my day to talk to her and then inside hear some Spanish being spoken. It’s honestly like music to my ears. Who knew after all this time I’m finally in my home country and I crave a different one. We’re so fickle. But mostly the fact is none of it is our home. The election may not have gone our way, but it doesn’t really matter because God is in control and those of us who know Jesus as our lord and savior “seek a better country…” So as I go about these next few months here in the States I’m praying The Lord will make me aware of where I really belong, but while here, continue to be a light in a dark world who need to know Him.

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