Who Knew?


I had no idea on the morning of my wedding seven years later I would be living on the tip of the African continent, reading a basket full of board books and being fed plastic food for breakfast! I have to admit, I sure have it made.

I am so overwhelmed by the goodness of God when I think about these past seven years with my husband and see all that the Lord has brought us through. Just the fact that my husband can still say with a straight face he thinks I’m still just as beautiful and loves me even more is a miracle. Sometimes when I stop looking at the random mickey in the hallway and trucks/princess clothes all over my house. I can see these two little miracles with all of the noise and craziness they bring into our marriage. It has only been enriched by their presence. I have come to see sides of the man I love, sides I never would have without the stress/help of two little gifts from God.

So today I want to thank the Lord for the Husband He has given me, the life He has allowed me to live with the man of my dreams. It’s never as romantic as we always imagine, but there sure is depth. Depth of love that only comes from the heart of God. Thank you Lord for allowing me to see a small picture of the Love you have for this world. Through the love of my husband.

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  1. Congratulations to the both of you Gretch! What a blessing it is to see 2 people committed to God and therefore committed to each other – striving together to do and be more for Him! We love you guys!

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