The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Just the four if us this year. It really made me sad to think about missing another Christmas with family and friends. To the point I thought seriously about skipping it altogether. But the Lord had other plans and so did my family. It was a rough start to the season. But He really broke through and decided to really bless us this year with the sweetest Christmas I have ever experienced. He is so good.
From the meal that came together perfectly, to two of the best behaved kids in the world, to lots of hugs and kisses and snuggles from my family. It was the sweetest couple of days we have had together.
Norah was so into it this year,she was a joy to have helping me in the kitchen. Judson was in heaven with all the extra sweets. Mostly Tyler was the one who made Christmas so special for all of us. I can’t thank him enough for his strength. I know I am blessed with a husband and father to my children who takes the time to make us feel secure and loved in this place that is slowly becoming home. He really helped to pull things together and make it so special for all of us.

But this year Christmas and what we celebrate hit me in a whole new way. The idea that the God of the universe would choose to send his Son in such a humble manner, just baffles me. What incredible love for His creation. The love I have for my children doesn’t even compare to his love for his son or his children. We are so blessed. Of course this is the most wonderful time of the year. We are celebrating our
Savior. We all know these things, but this year it hit home.ImageImageImageImageImageImage ImageImage

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