Sunday morning


Here lately we’ve been traveling without a car so i’m going to try to break it down and share a little day in our life with you.

Wake up Sunday and have the typical mad rush, breakfast, pack bag, get kids fed and dressed. And finally out the door. We take a taxi to the border, walk across and wait. Some sundays this process can take over an hour and some 20 minutes. Usually we run into someone who knows my husband and they always smile and want to talk. We then get across and have to take another taxi to these stairs that make you want to just cry looking at them. we get all of our stuff, carry children, stroller and belongings up about 50 steps then walk through a… lets just say it’s a back alley waste land. We then arrive at the taxi station and have to find a taxi and pay for 4 spots. But we then have to wait for two more people to fill the last two spots. My husband usually has to fight with the driver just to pay the normal price. Even though everyone knows how much it costs Somehow they always come up with some reason why we owe more. 🙂 So after intense arguing they hug and we get in the car and everyone is happy. Strange? Yes, but they always love to hear my husband argue in Arabic. it’s part of their culture so they are usually surprised and end up loving him.

We arrive in the city after an hour and a half of driving. and either walk or pay for two small taxis (because only three people can ride at a time) to get to the place we are meeting. So that’s a total of 5 taxi’s one way. On our way home we can cut it down to 2 sometimes. sounds ridiculous? because it is. Lord willing we’ll have our car one day and all of this is much much easier.

I have to say our kids are normally very easy going and happy during this trip. I really think the Lord has helped us in that area. They are hardly ever an issue. Usually entertained by strangers, because they just adore children. (more than any culture i have ever been around) Or maybe by the cats all hanging out at the border or in any area really. But the people here are so animated in their communication with each other. There is always some entertainment. Norah knows the basics like don’t touch the walls etc… it’s all dirty 🙂 but i love seeing how easy going they can be when they are around other cultures, learning the cultural norms etc… It’s just a pleasure to have children here. They always open the door to conversation and friendship.

On our way home they usually fall asleep and I end up just thinking and thanking the Lord for allowing us to do this. There is nothing like a ride through the mountains in one of the most beautiful places in the world with two sleeping children and holding my husbands hand, even the nostalgia of riding in an old car, the kind I grew up riding in. All of this reminds me of the fact of how good God is. I don’t deserve to be here, and sometimes I wish I could just do things normally. But where is the fun in that? My kids are blessed as well to live such a life.

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  1. What a busy, long day for you all! We’ll be praying for you to get a car soon…Meanwhile, it’s such a blessing to see your sweet spirit through all this, even though it’s tough. Love you! Mellisa

    • Thanks Melissa, we have a car just can’t cross the border with it. Looks like it’s going to be a while before we can. To be perfectly honest the roughest part is going. Coming home I have new perspective and I always think, that wasn’t so bad. It’s the trip there that I really struggle being happy about. ;). But we all have our issues to deal with. I’m no exception.

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