True love


There is this man in my life when I first met him, he became my best friend. My friends told me we should get married, but it was one of those relationships I thought “ugh, dating will ruin this”. But God had other plans.

As time goes by and our family has grown, our way of telling each other we love each other isn’t as “romantic” to maybe a 20 year old, but really it’s so much better. It’s that cup of coffee greeting me in the morning. That stinky diaper changed, the help cleaning up after we’ve both had a long day and dishes are the last thing we want to look at. The millions of little things he does to show his love to us and our family.
But my favorite is when I see him with our children. There is nothing sweeter to me and nothing more attractive. 😉

When I went away to be with some people a couple months ago. He encouraged me to go and kept the kids so I could. I remember hearing from quite a few people that their husbands all laughed and said they would “never do that.” I can’t help but be grateful for the Love that my husband has for me without limits as to what he would do to show me.
He’s also put up with lots of emotional baggage here lately and has been so understanding, and trying to help me through some hard times.
I love him and with every day I am amazed yet again by his love for me. Such a sweet picture to me of christ’s love for us. Thank you Tyler.  I love you.

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to Tyler. I as well as you have been blessed with a husband that shows his love to me in many ways.Our family has grown up and have families of their own. So the ways of showing love is a little different for us. He holds my arm when the sidewalk or drive way is uneven so I don’t fall. He hears a noise that doesn’t sound right and comes to make sure I haven’t fallen.He also makes the coffee in the morning and eats left overs and doesn’t complain. He opens jars and lids as my hands are not as strong as they used to be.He comforts me when I get emotional about things. He was so supported when I went through my cancer . Telling me I would get well. How right he was I am a 9 year survivor. We have been married for 50 years and I feel soooooo blessed to have him..I thank God for Ken.

  2. Gooby , I love the the name Master s piece. This is what we are whether we feel like it or not .This older generation that has a difficult time typing enjoyed so much reading her nieces blog and seeing what wonderful things the Lord is doing in her life .Your right we are commanded to obey . I type even though it took me much longer than the average.old person . Wanted to let you I love you and appreciate you serving Jesus..Love Auntie Sharon

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