Why write?


Why write? I’ve been pondering this question now for quite some time. Why do I keep posting? I started this blog in hopes of recording all the little things that I might forget one day, like the events in my children’s lives. But I’ve strayed from that a little and have felt inspired to write about what God has been teaching me. There are the days I post and think, what if I sound too full of myself?
Then there are days I sound like a jumbled up mess with more than a few thoughts, but none of them complete.
Then I hit post and put it out there, talk about a vulnerable feeling, anyone who wants can read and laugh or mock my words. But really am I writing for myself to get a pat on the back? Or for the one who created me? The one who’s story needs to be told through my life. Recording all those moments when he has been so close I want to cry at his absolute and complete love for me. Sharing the ups and downs of life that all of us have. Sharing the fact that a missionary wife has all the same struggles the average wife and mother does. But most of all it’s just a reminder for me to see what he has done in my heart and life.
I came to this continent to help others come to know Christ, yet I have come to know him in a deeper richer way myself.
So that’s why I write, not to share my knowledge, or teach anyone anything. But to share Christ and the blessings he gives, the love he has shown, and remember all of the little things he has taught me.
There is no unexplainable joy on those ordinary days, peace when things are chaos, love when you feel so undeserving, comfort when you are alone, apart from Him. He is truly my best friend.

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