A Lesson in Faith


Have you ever had so many burdens and things to take to the Lord, you wonder how could he possibly answer all of these with a, yes? This week was one of those. Some small things and some big things, so many times I pray for people but this week I prayed for specific needs with the kids and one by one God answered every single one. I was incredibly blessed to experience this in such a practical way. It was exciting to know I had a part in each one. I think of the house our friends are moving into that we prayed for, and can’t wait to visit and show our kids God’s answered prayer. A little boy was lost and was found, a job was at stake and the Lord allowed those families to keep their jobs, just to mention a few. All of this in one little week. I know there are needs everywhere, constantly, but this week God showed little me, His power and has inspired me to start really taking more to Him in faith. Not just little “be with me God” prayers. But real, specific, bold prayers. I can’t wait to see what He does.

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  1. Gretchen, Your life lesson came at just the right time for me. I know God answeres prayers but sometimes I forget to bring the “little things” to Him. I pray for those that have health problems, family problems, for traveling safety, for my family. But sometimes I forget that I have little needs as well as big needs to take to Him. Thank you for the reminder. I’m glad you had a great week. Blessings Dotty DeVault

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