Just obey


Discouragement comes to all of us. I knew it would come, I saw it approaching and still couldn’t prevent it. We all ended up saying goodbye to grandma and grandpa and headed back to our home that just days before was full of love and laughter only grandparents can bring. We headed home and back to our schedule. But after a month full of the blessings of fellowship, the stark reality of being alone again hit me hard. My husband took a quick trip at the time and it was even lonelier than I thought I could really handle. Lots of tears, and just taunting discouragement, questions like “what is all of this for?” “is it worth it, keeping my kids away from family who love them?”. “What are we really accomplishing?”. My questions played over and over in my head until There were moments I thought, “I’m not really sure i’m cut out for this”. But I kept praying for the Lord to show me something, some reason we were really here, that just because the language is slow, doesn’t mean i’m a failure, but sure feels like it. Then I read this sweet blog post about success and how all God asks of me is to obey, simply obey. No big spectacular ministry. Just obey where i am and as far as all the loneliness and missing those I love. He’s keeping tabs and if i’m obeying, that’s what matters. Even if it’s folding laundry again or just stopping to have a big tickle fight. Or just denying myself and helping my husband by taking the kids to the park so he can work. That’s my ministry most days and as I left the house with two kids and trash in tow last night, my sweet husband stopped me to tell me “thank you, for your ministry to us”. I realized at that moment, I truly have the best ministry!

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  1. I love you Gretch and been having the same struggles. You are not alone in your loneliness. Thanks for your posts. It’s nice to know your not alone!

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