Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!


My sweet, spicy, dear little Norah!  Man I love that child!  She is a drama queen, sweet little princess, and a whole lot of love for one family!  Norah gives the absolute Best hugs in all the world! She loves hugs and kisses and will usually give one, if asked nicely.  The best are the ones given just because. Those are my favorite and very common in this household.  She has an imagination, where pieces of bread become hooves and buildings look like bows. She carries on conversations with toys (even though it’s really daddy talking) shares things that only “cinderella” needs to know.  Hoping this works for years to come. 

She is the apple of her father’s eye,  only Daddy’s little girl can get him to do things that make my heart melt,  like wearing his princess crown that Norah made especially for him.

She is mommies sunshine, giggling at the silly things in life that only a little girl with a real sense of humor could pick out, like the man with the squeaky cart that rides by us.   Or scaring that unsuspecting person, like when I thinks she’s asleep and she’s woken up, but just stands in the hallway till I see her and jump!

She is her little brother’s best friend.  Always looking out for him and even saving candy for him.  (now that’s love)  Down to the point of disciplining him because she “cares so much”  (poor Judson).

She’s a ray of sunshine for sure which goes right along with her name which means “Light”.  We love you Norah and thank the Lord for you.

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  1. Gretchen, What joy you brought to me when I read your blog. I love the pictures of the little ones. It is such a precious time with them. Enjoy every minute as it will go by fast. We had quite a windy day today and we had men here to put a new roof on our house. They got half of it done and will finish it next Sat. We were so blessed to have them here to do it as Ken is not able to do it. Our weather is getting a little cooler but the trees are just beautiful as they turn colors. But that means snow will be coming sooner than we think. Our old bones have trouble with our Ohio winters. Of course it’s nothing compared to New England winters. Pray for you and your missionary work. Be safe and God bless. Dotty & Ken DeVault

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