Change of Heart


Since living here I have had a complete change of heart.  My initial idea about coming here and working, let’s just say it wasn’t what it is now.  I was very nervous and unsure of myself.  How would they ever like me, having nothing in common.  Since we have been here we’ve crossed the border quite a bit.  Every time I go I fall more in love with these sweet people.  I have never been excited, to be perfectly honest, to learn arabic, or make new friends.  But they have won my heart.  I can honestly say I have never met a sweeter, more hospitable culture.

For one, when I cross the street with my children I usually have several people helping me, not to mention the cars who stop for no one, stop for me because I have children.  They give my kids gifts and talk and play with them constantly, help me up and down the stairs with the stroller.   They LOVE children.  Young men all the way up to older men and women all just melt if Norah or Judson are around.  Funny thing is even when they are not, people are still so kind.  If you express any kind of smile or attempt at the language, you have made a friend.  I am so blessed to work here and learn the culture of this part of the world.  I’m thankful for their acceptance of a foreigner who butchers the language, yet they continue to help me no matter how much I seem to forget.

I am praying for more laborers for any Arab speaking country, but I have to say my heart is here not because I put it here, but God did.

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