Holding off the Rain


Yesterday we were doing some running around downtown for our residency paperwork.  It has rained every day for over a week now, and we need a large umbrella, but we have a small one and just keep putting off buying another one since the last one never made it back from Morocco.  All that to say we know we can buy a cheap one from the Chinese stores here, but they are cheap, so we keep putting it off.  I mentioned to Tyler that today would be a good day to buy an umbrella.

But while we were out with the kids it sprinkled here and there, but all morning the Lord just held off the rain.  Once we got back into the car it started pouring.  I just laughed out loud and said thank you Lord!  As Tyler laughed about his resistance to pay for a cheap umbrella, God took care of us anyway.

So many times we worry thinking, “How can I completely trust my husband by submitting to him? He’s only human, and bound to make mistakes.”  The thing is, we are not just trusting our husbands, we are trusting the Lord.  When we say, we can’t trust our husbands to take care of us, or even act as if we don’t trust him by questioning his decisions.  (speaking to myself)  We are really failing to trust God.  Fortunately for us God is powerful enough to overcompensate for all of our mistakes.  Even the failure to buy an umbrella.  It was just a funny story, not really a big deal, but I love it when the Lord even uses humor to show us He cares for us, and He is in control.


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  1. wow, thanks for sharing that story! It puts things in a whole different light to remember that everything we do in relation to others is really for and unto God. I needed that reminder today 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for that. That is definitely something I struggle with remembering, that I am glorifying God by submitting to my

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