Sound of Music


So tonight we all watched the first half of the Sound of Music and just hearing that first song brought tears to my eyes.  So many memories from childhood.  I can’t even Explain.  I’m pretty sure my husband is just thinking ” yeah, she really is losing it.”  So he tried to relate “Maybe if i heard the music to Star Wars, i would feel the same”  Of course that cracked me up because I have seen him cry one time.  but it’s okay I do it enough for the entire family 🙂

Something about the sound of old familiar music in a place so unfamiliar at the right time can just hit you in a way you never expected.  But it made me so happy to share a piece of my childhood with Norah.  She loved it, and  Judson just tried to compete with it.  He’s in a loud phase, but I’m pretty sure this phase isn’t going anywhere for a while.


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  1. You know, I read this, Gretchen, and knew what you meant. Just thought I would tell you that you all are on my mind often and I am praying for you!

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