Norah’s school!


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We’ve been doing some school with Norah,  this is not homeschool advice, just an update about what she has been learning.

We try to do it everyday, but it’s been a little challenging with my language school schedule.  I have two hours in the morning and my kids sleep in, so it’s been a  challenge to get it in before my school, but we are working on it.  I have been doing it with her after lunch before her “nap” which is usually reading or something other than sleeping.  After nap time gets a little chaotic with  Judson bombing around trying to “help” or needing dinner three hours early!  (not a snack, dinner, believe me i’ve tried)

Lately i’ve been able to figure out how to squeeze it in throughout the day instead of just having a time of sit down and let’s have school!  It works for preschool anyway!   I try to do a memory verse while i’m hanging laundry, or cooking dinner.  Also before dinner  or right after i’ve done PE right along with Judson.  It has little simple activities like yesterday we were rolling a ball back and forth and then rolling to try to knock something down.  Just simple motor skills i probably wouldn’t think of for myself.  🙂  We are using a cirriculum called Bright Beginnings.  I love it, it gives simple ideas for every subject from Music to Bible, memory verses, language skills, PE, art, God’s World and even ideas for snack time, i know i’ve missed some, but i love it.  You can stretch it out over two years or just fit it in in one year.

We just started writing our numbers, and i’m so excited Norah wrote her first number, Number 1!

My favorite is the Bible, it has lots of good Bible, verses, Bible stories, character develpment.  I’m so excited for Norah because right now (which it should be this way) she only gets Bible from us, she doesn’t have much of a sunday school.  So i wondered how I was going to teach her Bible lessons, where do I start?  and what stories do I start with?  Sure I could figure it all out, but it’s just so nice to have it all in one place and ready to go.  I love that she has learned several verses, it is the sweetest sound to my ears!  Even Judson has joined in yesterday he was pointing to the ceiling and yelling “God!”, just like our verse.

Now whenever we correct her for treating Judson poorly, she recites “Be ye kind…”  which she learned in Sunday school at our home church Vision Baptist.

So we’ll see how this goes, just happy we have something to keep us learning and busy, focusing on the right things throughout our days.

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