Contentment is something we strive for in our lives, but usually it has something to do with our physical things and then our location, place in life etc.,. since we have arrived here I have been well aware of how good I have it.  I have friends all over the world who would love to live in a place like this.  And as many good days as I’ve had, there have been a few where my flesh wants me to wallow in self pity.  Not over things necessarily, or even my location, I really truly love it here,  but over people.  Facebook is a huge blessing, but sometimes it makes things a little harder.  Makes me realize what i’m missing, then I start feeling bad for my kids who miss their grandparents and ask for them daily.  I miss fellowship with close friends and family, but as hard as it is sometimes, the Lord has given us so many moments and days that are so sweet and evident of his love for us, i’d have to say it’s worth it.  The lord has put us here, and calls us to be content.  
Reading yesterday I came across 
Jer 5:25 
Your iniquities have turned away these things, and your sins have withholden good things from you.

He’s speaking to Israel, but how true is this in my own life? 
How do I forget these things so quickly.  my sin of desiring something I don’t have is keeping me from seeing him and just clinging to him for that comfort I need in moments like these.   That’s the good thing I miss when I wallow in self-pity. I miss out on Jesus, and the millions of benefits that come with a life full of him.  

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  1. Thanks for that reminder Gretch. I am struggling with that right now and reading this was such an encouragement! I love you!

    • Praise the lord, I love you Bre, the only thing is once I post something I’ve been dealing with there’s always a little battle around the corner. 🙂 makes me wonder if I should post these or not. I also hate coming across like I have a handle on any of it, cuz I sure don’t.

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