“How do you say..?”


Usually by Wednesday or Thursday language learning isn’t quite as painful as it is that first class of the week.  Today was not so nice to me  I started to tell a story, and about halfway through what would take me 1 min to tell in English, 4 in Spanish, took about 20 in Arabic.  When you have to ask “shnu Yaani” (how do you say) for 50% of your words (more like 70%)  you probably never should have even started telling that story.    So after about ten minutes, he got confused and forgot what I was talking about along with myself.  And then Tyler starts helping, Mr Linguist! 🙂   And i start just crying.  Why?  I have no idea, first time in Arabic language school.    So pushing through it I fight the urge to pull my daughter’s shenanigans and run to my room with my face in my hands and throw myself on my bed weeping (too many princess movies).  Somehow trying to painfully say all of those sounds was enough to snap me out of it.

Later on as we’re looking at the lesson, I finish ordering all my kilo’s of fruits and vegetables, (they are always saying God bless you etc…) I am telling the store keeper.  “God help you”  which just cracks me up, because in English it doesn’t have quite the same sweet meaning.  So I finished my day with a good laugh that I really wish I could say helped me feel better about the whole thing, but I still feel slightly overwhelmed and wishing I really had the gift of tongues.  Wouldn’t that be nice if it were that easy?  (ps. This is not an invitation for a theological discussion)

For now my brain just hurts and i need a nap… maybe just one more cup of coffee instead.


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