Recently the Lord has been working in my heart about Joy and finding my Joy in Him.  This new life here is a wonderful one, but everyone of us if we chose to could really get down about our situation.  Every day it is a battle for all of us, but today I choose to not get jealous and not feel bad for myself.  Instead of just not doing those things, I choose to be happy for those I love, and thank the Lord for where I am and what I get to do.  The other day I saw a coke can in the street in arabic it looks like coke, but to the english speaker, it looks like Jesus!  Who gets to see that on a day to day basis?  Sure our life comes with challenges, like pronouncing words that make me spit unintentionally.  But as my two kids were waving and saying goodbye in arabic today i just thought, “wow, thank you Lord”.

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