Amazing God


Several weeks back I received a call from my Pastor Surprised by his call I thought he must have tried to get a hold of Tyler and had about as much luck as I did that week.  Tyler was traveling and in very rural areas, it was difficult to get a hold of him.

As my pastor talked I had no idea I was on speaker phone, (thanks) He asked some questions and then proceeded to tell me the “news”.  Tyler was not able to call and had been detained for questioning by some in a random city for passing out literature.  I was surprised, numb, In my mind I knew he’ll be fine, they’ll make him leave the country and we’ll see him in the next few days.  But no one really knew what exactly would happen.  So My next thought was “ok Lord, help me in the next few minutes.” So with two children not happy, tired and needing to be put down for a nap I got one down and tried to be calm for the next one to go down as he repeated the story of all that took place.  After that I received calls from good friends and then a couple in the area who knew what had happened came to the house.  I just kept praying Lord you are in control.  You allowed this.  So many thoughts swarmed in my head, but I knew that no matter what happened God was here with me, i was not alone.  I can’t explain the feelings of peace and joy other than the grace of God that just seemed to take over.  When our friends came over one prayed that they would be a light, which helped me to get my focus right.  That’s what this is all about God’s glory.

The next few hours were full of feeding keeping children happy and phone calls.  I then received a call that Tyler was fine and all that happened was a complete miracle.  Things could have and should have gone worse, but instead they were a light and the gospel was shared with over 20 people with prestigious positions.  I truly believe it was all God just showing us his power.  He is in control.  The Lord did so much in my heart and life in just a few hours I could talk about it for days.  I am more sure now than ever that God has us here for a reason and we don’t know what he’ll do, but if HE does it and NOT us, we know it will be amazing.

The next night after this all happened I posted Complete in Thee, just an idea of what was going on in my heart and mind shortly after this all happened.  At the time i couldn’t give any details explaining what inspired that post.


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