Alone time


Several weeks back some events took place, the week this all happened was my second week alone with the kids in this new place.  I wanted it to be a good week and not just waste time till Tyler returned.  The Lord had something more in mind than just that, so this is what I journaled that week, before anything major happened.  My point in sharing this is I think it is amazing how God knows exactly how to prepare us.  He is such a good God and deserves all glory.

“I’ve had lots of time to think lately, sometimes too much.  With Tyler traveling I don’t have any real adult interaction to distract me.  Thoughts like, I can’t just sit around and survive till Tyler get’s home, what is my purpose right now?
Spending a bit of time alone in a new place, with no one to tell about all those little things, I have found myself just talking to God.  And thanking him for the little things like a warm home on cold windy days a sunny walk to the store on a very crazy stormy day.  Thanking him for two really compliant little ones lately.  This time has been hard and lonely, I’m not going to lie, and knowing this is going to happen often is a bit discouraging, but I wouldn’t trade it for the sweet communion I’ve had with Jesus.  He’s shown me his purpose.  It’s to be the wife and mother I am to point two of the most precious treasures I have to him, and by just having him as my best friend and allowing him to comfort me. I will naturally be a light to point others to him as well.  These past 4 months the Lord has shown me,  the pain of missing people I love is a taste of a communion with him that is just so sweet it’s indescribable.  It’s a gift in and of itself that he would allow me this honor of becoming so much closer to him.  And becoming truly my best friend and comforter.
So no more days of waiting for Tyler to get home and just surviving.  We’ll look forward to his arrival with much anticipation.  We just get to see God prove himself in very real ways, as we go about our normal routines learning about Jesus and growing closer to him, having fun along the way.”

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