MY prince!


Waking up this morning to a little girl coughing I sneak around the house trying not to let anyone know I am up and I hear Judson stirring.  Norah walks out and says “where’s Daddy?”  aka her “prince” because he is the first one she wants to see in the morning.   When I pictured my life 6 years ago, i believe my house was cleaner, but besides that, I never pictured how much I would love and adore my husband.

With every passing year it brings a new love a different kind of love.  I think a wife does and should know more about her husband’s character than anyone else.  So when I see him in action when it comes to difficult situations I am amazed.  These past six years of being married I have learned so much about Christ’s love for us pictured through my husbands love for me and those around us.  I can’t thank him enough for the good marriage we have, or the wonderful loving family we have.

I love you MY prince, but I’ll share you with Norah for a while!

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