On the Road

Norah watching Nemo

Norah watching Nemo

We have been traveling since the beginning of March.  It’s been fun most of the time.  But there have def. been moments of , Where is my home?  I need it now…

I’m blessed in so many ways we get to do things most people don’t get to, but it comes at the expense of other things, like routine, familiarity, and my own bed.  I’d like to complain a little but i can’t we are blessed beyond any “sacrifice”.

I’ve discovered Norah seems to have this incredible attention span.  She could sit through an entire movie, her favorite of course,”Finding Nemo”, I think it is because of all our time in the car.  So i guess that’s not so bad.  We’ve had lots of time with family up here in New England, some of it has been more than enough 🙂  But that’s okay too.  So we get to see our home in June, less than a month left.  I definitely  look forward to it.  But I’m enjoying this too.

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  1. I feel for you with a one year old and traveling! Abigail loved to watch movies at that age too….still does!! Have you ever let Norah watch “The Cedarmont Kids”…it’s cd/dvd’s that teach childrens songs…Abigail LOVES them! She knows SO many songs due to the dvds that we have. It was just a thought! It used to help in the car when we traveled…which isn’t half as much as y’all do but it helped!

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