What’s a Bedtime?


While we have been traveling I was really missing our life in Peru, mainly the schedule, consistency etc…  For a while I felt so bad for Norah that she had to travel so much.  I noticed the other day that she is really a happy little girl.  She doesn’t know any different and she gets to spend more time with her Daddy and with kids of different ages as well.  Sometimes I miss the things i could do with her if we were at home or whatever it might be, the ways we get to spend time together may be different, but the fact is i get to spend time with her.  Some moms don’t have that option.

So Maybe i can’t put her to bed at the same time each night or I might have to take more time getting her to fall asleep in an unknown room, but I’m trying to enjoy those moments.  They won’t last forever.

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  1. This is so sweet Gretchen. It’s so true, our kids do have a different life, but God is so good. I truly believe we are a stronger family unit than the average family. We’ll probably look back at these times and think that they were the greatest ones of our life.
    Love you girl! Keep safe.

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