A tribute to Nursery workers!


img_0295  I am happy to say Norah has adjusted very easily.  She doesn’t even cry when i drop her off at a new nursery with all new faces.  She just blows me a kiss and scopes out the place for any new toys.  Mainly anything with a handle where she can stash stuff.  A little person chair, a doll or a kitchen.  🙂  any of those things seem to keep her happy.  It really is a blessing.  I wondered if we would get past this screaming the beginning of every service.   Thanks to those of you who put up with the crying in the beginning.  I think especially of Glenwood Springs Baptist Church.  I really appreciate your patience and understanding.    

The only issue we have is the constant colds that she is catching and hopefully not passing along.    Someone made the comment that her immune system will be built up pretty strong by the time we get to North Africa.  🙂  That’s encouraging.  

We noticed Norah was singing this one song to her doll.  as she bounced her on her lap.  It sounded like the B-i-b-l-e.  come to find out that was it and she sings it all the time and shouts out BIBLE at the end.  It’s her favorite song.  She learned that in Nursery.  So keep singing to those babies they are soaking it all in.

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