“Oh, you’re a missionary”


We visited a church last week, it was a nice church, nice people.  I talked to a woman who had a child the same age as Norah, and we seemed to have a lot in common.  We talked about the walking stage and the fear of letting go of mommies hand etc… Later in the conversation she heard my husband say we were missionaries.  We didn’t even speak again.  It was like I officially became this weird person that is anything but normal.  Sometimes I just want normalcy.   I’m the “gringa” in Peru, and I’m the “missionary”  in the states.

I don’t mind being different sometimes, but then there are times I just want to go to church and not be the weird person that nobody knows.  Which is practically every service.  But for all of you who meet missionaries at your church we are normal people just like you.  I used to feel like missionaries were just on a different level than I was.  Or like we didn’t have much in common, So I guess I can understand some of that.  Now being on the opposite side, I can see how it feels like you are the strange one.   On the other hand we are spoiled by churches so much it is almost embarrassing.  All in all, The Lord takes care of us so much more than we could ever desserve.

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  1. i totally understand ya girl! i think when the Bible said that Jesus wasn’t welcome in his own land that He went through the same thing. there are times when i think even our family (besides our parents) think we are weird haha!

  2. Totally with you on this one- My ‘rents were on deputation my senior year of high school- hated hated hated it. But it eventually passes 😉 Good luck!

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