It’s been a while


For all of you who are wondering, we are back in the states, I am still alive, and we plan to be here only for a few months.  

What’s happened.  Norah turned one, she’s walking now, and talking a lot more.  Her new favorite word is Hot!  Her new sign is drink.  and she is walking, but thinks it’s so much faster holding mommies hand.  

We’ve been traveling a ton and I couldn’t brag on her enough.  She has done so well in nurseries and with people.   We had a rough start, but she’s really getting accustomed to it.  The only thing is her sleeping schedule.  It is insane.  So those of you out there who have any tips or a little advice on keeping a schedule or routine while traveling around the country.  Please give me some feed back.  I could use all the help i can get.  

I hope to be posting a little more often.  img_9645

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