Cabin Fever


Norah hasn’t really had anything more than a cold until this past trip.  She caught some kind of virus then a cold and then infection.  I hated it had to be while we were with our friends in Chile and Argentina, but it wouldn’t have been fun at home either.  She’s done well, i just feel so bad listening to her coughing all night.  But she is getting better.  

I felt awful traveling with this poor little sick girl, so once we got home and she continued to stay sick we stayed in and i think that bothered her more she then came down with “cabin fever” dying to get out of the house.  She is always trying to get out the door.  My mom will tell you i did the same thing.  I Wonder if she’ll always be traveling the world.  

Well, she got out and that is why i am actually posting.  Waiting for her to get back.  It’s a nice break, but i am always anxious to see her again.

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  1. I get cabin fever too!! So she had her FIRST infection?? Wow that’s quite amazing!! Abigail has had ear infections from a few months old…she still gets them just not as bad!! You’re lucky!! Maybe it’s b/c of the weather there!!

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