Been a while!


It’s been a little too long since my last post.  I guess after a few weeks, then months it’s kind of like where do i begin. 

Just a little update on what’s going on.  

We have three days left in our house and then we move out, we’ll be staying with the Stover family until we leave.  I never realized how involved it can be moving out of your home and selling everything, or just the things that won’t fit in a bag.  🙂  We are leaving here with about 10 bags.  Sounds ridiculous, but they add up quick.  We have a group coming down from Vision for the Pastor’s Conference this week and they are kind enough to help us get our bags back.  

So we’ll be traveling around visiting churches and raising some support for the families from Peru going with us to North Africa.  I’ll try to keep you updated.          

yep, a random picture of norah






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