9 Months Today!


Norah turned nine months today.  She is really enjoying herself, she is making all kinds of new friends.  She has lately been spoiled rotten, and we are really reaping the “benefits” of it.  Her new name is Chica Bonita (pretty girl), given to her by her Tia (aunt) here.  She actually responds to it before her own name. 

She started crawling this past week, she’s been standing with support and climbing for a little while.  She drinks only from a real cup or a straw.  Loves to sit with Daddy and watch Baby Einstein.  Prefers the nude.  Her favorite toy is definately a spoon.  (she’s actually sleeping with one right now)  She loves to go for walks in her stroller, and loves to be with both Mommy and Daddy together.  Just yesterday morning we were holding hands and she had to put her little chubby hand in there too.  She absolutely loves to be with people.  I hope this sticks,  because I really have to try to be a people person.

She is such a blessing and joy in our life.  I am so thankful for her. 


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  1. Hey Gretchen,
    We’ve been praying that your time in N. Africa went well! I’m sure it was an “exciting” time with a small baby. She’s quite a cutie!
    Patty Sommer

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