Where in the World?


We have been here in North Africa for 4 weeks with 3 weeks left. Our purpose here is to host 9 interns as they teach English, make contacts and learn what it is like to be on the mission field.  I was scared to death to do this, mainly because it was an area that we were not very familiar with.  We haven’t been here except to visit.  So how are we going to host this group of interns when we are learning about this place as well.

The Lord then showed me that He was in control.  We were not planning on being here, but He worked it out this way.  I didn’t think i would enjoy this but the Lord has really used this in my life.  He has given me such a love for the people here and who gets the opportunity to visit their future mission field for this long of a time? 

We are very blessed, our life seems to be crazy.  I feel like it is such a whirlwind sometimes.  But I just can’t complain.  We have some of the neatest experiences, things I once dreamed of doing we are now doing.  It is amazing what the Lord allows us to do.

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