First Tooth


ok, so she has two teeth now, and she is eight months, i wanted to put this out with a picture, and all of you super organized moms who get all your pictures off the camera the same day are probably thinking, how ridiculous!  ( I just know there aren’t that many of you) 

Norah now has her first tooth.  Actually it was just into her seventh month.  I have to admit I was releaved to be the first to find it.  So if anyone else did see it or feel it, thanks for not telling me. 

 ok, so she looks like she belongs in a trailer park, it is just that hot here. 

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  1. Omarcita! How beautiful! I’m a little confused by the wife-beater she’s wearing- after all, my boys were the ones born in AL! We are praying for you diligently! Can’t wait to hear from you!

  2. The trailer park comment was hilarious! The first time I took Abigail to Temple to meet Pastor Sexton she messed all over her outfit in the nursery and they put the only thing I had packed for her on her…it was a onesie..ugh! So my child met Pastor Sexton dressed like a “bus kid”….

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