So Sweet!

Norah must just be the sweetest one in the house; She has mosquito bites head to toe.  (Literally)  We thought maybe it could be chicken pox.  This would be nice to get out of the way.  But pretty sure they aren’t. 
They seemed to go from a few bites to “oh my goodness, do you take care of your child?” amount of bites.   We have shut the windows got bug spray, and now a mosquito net has seemed to do the trick.  I am praying the old ones clear and we can keep her from getting many more.  She does look pretty rough, but doesn’t seem to be bothered in the least. 
I guess this is what comes with the African work,  I can only imagine what it is like anything below the Sahara. 

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  1. Norah debe de estar preciosa aun con sus picaduras de mosquitos… realmente la extrañanos… justo Belu ha llegado… estara con nosotros un par de semanas

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