Blessed Sleep


At least that is what we are trying to get Norah to realize.  The physical purpose of a parent is to raise their child to become more and more independent, and it starts early.  I’m discovering this is the hard part of parenting.  

We are trying to get Norah to sleep through the night.  It hasn’t been so bad, the first night we decided to try to just let her cry.  The thought of leaving her in a dark room crying is a little disheartening.  (before i had my own child, it seemed so easy)  She cried for a while and calmed down, and a few minutes later started up again.  So since it had been 4 hrs i fed her and she fell asleep, I felt better, but worse all at the same time.  I failed!  Later on she woke up again and we let her cry it out.  The next morning she was happy.  So no psychological damage.  

So every night this past week we’ve been wondering what is going to happen.  Some nights she has up a fight and others she’s slept.   One night i sang to her and she fell right to sleep.  She’s even started rolling herself over, so last night she had to cry that out a while and then she sang herself to sleep. I checked on her and she slept the entire night on her back. (first time, huge step, yes i know i’m a horrible mother)   It’s been interesting.  But I know this is the right thing.  She needs to learn how to sleep independently.  One of the first steps of many to come.  

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  1. Yes this part of parenting is really hard. It’s also very easy to give up and let them sleep in your bed.

    Not sure if you read it but BabyWise helped me sooo much! It’s a great book! It’s so hard to break them of waking up at night but it gives some great pointers but the main thing you are already doing….just let her cry it out….it can take 2-3 nights of this and usually you can break the habit!

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Gretchen,

    I can’t really comment on the sleeping baby stuff. But, I can apologize for not getting in touch on your birthday. Now, days later I beg for forgiveness!! =) I was thinking of you before, on and around your special day. Enjoy this last year in the 20’s . . . . We will have to celebrate when you come in June. I enjoyed reading your blog tonight! Norah’s pictures are precious! Talk to you soon! Love, Stefanie

  3. It is so hard to let your babies cry. You feel terrible. I have had to do it with both my girls. BabyWise is a great book. It worked great for Naomi, but Esther is a different story. Even after 6 months I still feel like I haven’t completely figured Esther out. Hope Norah doesn’t give you too many difficult nights.

  4. thanks Stef, we’ll see you in May actually, our plans have changed. As usual. and thanks for the birthday wishes, i tried to get by that one quietly, seeing it is the last one. 🙂

  5. Shannon,
    I didn’t do baby wise, so now i feel like what’s the point of trying, it must be too late. She is sleeping pretty well most nights and actually goes to bed around the same time every night. so i am excited about that. I am just tossing back and forth the nursing to sleep thing, because we travel so much i feel like that is the only normalcy i can give her right now i know i should break it, but when and how?

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