This is quite a story, i will try to get to the point.  A baby girl was born here in Peru, when they opened up her mom for a C-section, they found Cancer, so bad, that her mom couldn’t take care of her.  As it was she already had 3 other children.  The mom eventually passed away leaving all four children behind.  The father works full time, and is traveling for work, so he cannot take care of them.  The oldest three are in the children’s home here in Peru.  The little girl Belu, has been passed back and forth by her grandmother who has official custody.  Belu is now 21 months and has been welcomed into the home of our Pastor and his wife.  They love her with all of their heart and would love to adopt her.  She even calls our Pastor “Papa”.  They have been taking complete care of her, but last week the grandmother decided to take her back.  She lives hours from here, and works full time as well as has several small children of her own.  When Belu comes to stay with the Montenegros, she is sick and has to be put on medicine.  So this woman cannot give Belu the attention and care that she needs, like the Montenegros have given her.  They don’t know when or if they will see her again.  

As Laura told me this story my heart broke for her.  They have had Belu for months loving her like their very own, and then one day she was taken from their home.  Laura told me she couldn’t go into the room where Belu stayed, it was too hard.


Pray that the Lord would work all of this out for His glory and that if it is his will, he would change the mind of this grandmother.  Break her pride and help her to see Belu would be so much better off with this family.  Please pray.  

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  1. Please tell the Montenegros that we love them very much and will be praying for them. I think it is wonderful that God might give them a little girl.

    Thanks for a good post

  2. Gracias por el post, tenemos una sorpresa, en este momento Belu esta con nosotros, parece que sus oraciones han resultado. Es una bendición para nuestra vida.

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