Just recently Norah has been so doing so well, I have to say I am almost bored at times.  Which being a missionary wife this should not be.  I go back and forth between, I’m doing the right thing by taking care of my family and home, and I should be more involved in ministry of some kind.  It is a constant battle in my mind.  

Recently the Lord has opened up doors for me to minister in some way to different people, not anything major, just little areas mainly friendships.  I cannot begin to explain how fulfilling this has been.  Another thing is I have always felt that I could not be close with someone who spoke another language.  Yes I debated whether i should write that or not.  I guess I was never willing to admit that could be the issue.  It could also be that being in transition makes it a little hard to get close to people.  Almost like why bother, we’re leaving anyway.  I was completely wrong in both areas.  

I have always liked Peru, but the Lord has given me more of a love for this place, and for the people here.  I am mostly thankful for the friends he has given me while we have been here.  Those I have learned from whether it be language, ministry, or simply patience.  (with me, for example)   I can’t really say I am ministering, it is more like I am being ministered to.  

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