There are nice things about living here in Peru, like the cost of labor is very low.  So help or work is easy to come by.  Having someone watch Norah is not too hard or expensive.  But i have to say, it doesn’t replace Grandparents or friends.  

 Honestly, I could get a break if i wanted.  Sometimes, even though it doesn’t cost much, I don’t want to pay someone to watch my kid constantly.  I guess it is the principal of the thing.  Or maybe I’m just a cheapskate.  

But this week, I realized I sometimes just need help.  Yes it is just one baby, most of the time we are fine, but there are weeks that she is just difficult.  Wants to be held all of the time, etc… I realized during these times I get incredibly stressed out, to the point where I just cry when Tyler is walking out the door to teach English.  

I finally told him, I know I have a problem when i get overwhelmed.  I will not ask for help.  Not from him or anyone.  It is a pride problem, and sometimes I need to just ask for help, for my sanity and for Norah.  She doesn’t need a frazzled mom.  

It was such a liberating feeling admitting my problems and asking for help.  Of course, Tyler knew I needed help, but sometimes when he realizes it, it’s too late, so I need to just ask.   

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