Finally, FOOD!


We decided to give Norah a little taste of some real food this week.  She is just so pathetic when we eat, she smacks her lips and drools.  (I’ll have to work on that one)  And of course the looks just make you feel so bad.  She is sitting up pretty well and I figured we could try just to see.

 I gave her some rice cereal and she took the first bite as if she had done this before.  She ate it all and cried for more.  I questioned myself is this too early?  Should I make her wait?  But once I fed her, I realized she was more than ready.  I look at her sitting in her little seat and think man, she is growing up so fast.  It’s amazing, yet I can’t even imagine my life without her.  It’s seems as though she has always been with us.  Life is strange like that.   

We’ll the other night as I was feeding her, she was having such a hard time keeping her eyes open, we caught a few seconds of it, if you haven’t seen the video, here it is.   

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