Stop Cutting Me!


No I’m not recalling the days in 5th grade.  That is something I am just dying to scream out every time I am in a store or at the market.  I’m talking about grown men and women.  They just walk up and cut you in line.  I’ve started to say excuse me, and they always say things like “oh, I’m sorry”  and I’m thinking “yeah right”.  I usually let them go, but my pride wants them to know i am not stupid and they are acting like a child.  

Well, at the bread store I was about to order and someone ran in.  and asked for what he wanted.  I didn’t say anything, and another young man came in and tried to do the same.  I wasn’t gonna take this.  So I just said excuse me and he looked at me with this sheepish grin and said just one little thing.  I was like how rude, and just didn’t let him go.  I ordered and walked out.  I was proud of myself for all of two seconds, then I realized, what did i gain from that, 30 seconds, and a mean reputation.  Is that what I really wanted?  Sometimes, we can blame this stuff on culture shock, but I know it was really my pride that made me say something.  I don’t really know what the solution would be, but I know I felt bad when I left.   

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  1. I so know the feeling! For me it’s like if one more person calls me “whitie,” I might do bodily harm. I love your open and honest blog! So much of us can relate to what you are going through.

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