Running Water


When we first moved here, a little over a year ago, I remember Andria Gardner mentioning I may want to get a water bubbler to keep extra purified water in case we don’t have any water.  I thought,  “I’ll get that eventually, just don’t want to spend the money now.”  I never bought it, and this morning we woke up to no running water.  And we aren’t getting any till Saturday.  

 Tyler is in Lima, so there isn’t anyone here to experience these three days without a shower, except for poor Norah.  Have to admit, I’m glad it happened now. 

It is amazing how much we take for granted running water. How many times a day do I wash my hands?  I’m thankful for Purel, but more importantly for my Neighbors who let me fill up a couple of buckets with water.   

Will i buy a bubbler now? Not sure, we are only here for a few more months.  Hopefully this won’t happen again while we are here.  

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  1. Gretchen,
    when we lived there we bought a huge brand new garbage can and kept it on our back porch with purified water in it, and we changed it ever 3 weeks so it stayed fresh…. After one too many times without water – we learned the hard way!! hahahaha I still remember boiling water on the stove and taking a bucket to the shower to bathe…. aaaahhhh the good old days… But you know when our air conditioner went out, and then our water went out for a week, God had already prepared us for wasn’t a big deal at all..just another day
    Love you and praying for you..

  2. Yes we did get it back up on Friday actually a day earlier, so not typical of Peru… But we survived! The thought was scarier than it actually was. Like How long was it really going to be off? etc…

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