Who’s your Daddy?


Norah has really perfected the art of grabbing things, whenever we eat, she makes this little noise like she is tasting it, (and man does it taste good).  Last week, she actually grabbed my plate, so the past few days she has been reaching and grabbing drinks etc…

 Every now and then i’ll put my arms out like I am going to pick her up, just to see if she’ll reach for me.  Nothing so far, until yesterday.  I was holding her, (obviously she didn’t reach for me) she saw her daddy leave the room and was watching as if to say, “where is he going?”  I picked her up and followed him, and when he turned around she reached out for him.  I had to admit, if it were anyone else in this world I would have been distraught.  To make matters worse, when i tried to take her, she turned away.  

But how can I complain, my little girl loves her Daddy.  Sometimes, (lots of times) he is the only one she wants, and the only one who can calm her down.  I am so thankful for such a perfect husband and father to Norah.  Honey, I love you!  Oh, and this morning she reached for me, so I feel better now.   


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