Parent Dedication


This past Sunday we dedicated Norah to the Lord.  Pastor Alonso Montenegro challenged us as we dedicated our daughter, that we weren’t only dedicating her, but ourselves as well.  To give her a godly example and to raise her to love God and His Word, with all of her heart, soul and mind.   

I have to say it was quite convicting.  I want her to be so much more than what I am.  How can I expect her to become this godly woman, when I know I am not even close to the godly woman I should be?  I can always hope she’ll turn out more like her Dad.  

The truth is, I can’t be all she needs me to be.  It’s relieving in a sense to admit that.  It has to be the Lord who works in me.   So yes it was called a “Baby Dedication”, but it was a day to dedicate ourselves as parents to this immense journey ahead of us.  

baby dedication

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